Stout for Salt Lake County Auditor


My thanks to everyone who voted for me!

Thanks to all the volunteers who made phone calls, delivered signs, and worked to win. I appreciate the support from my family and from all my friends, but unfortunately the effort simply wasn't enough. There's always more that I could have done to win this and I'm not going to make any excuses why I lost. Once again, an establishment candidate wins and the establishment did a great job supporting their candidate, and their effort paid off.

This campaign will be my last as a candidate. With my experience as an accountant, if I can't convince Democratic voters to cast a vote for me for an office that I am uniquely qualified for, there really isn't an office in which I can be elected. I'll focus my efforts on specific races to help democrats get elected in my position as Chair of the Salt Lake Progressive Caucus, but I won't be back to run for any public office. The cost in terms of personal and financial sacrifice is simply too great.

Please consider a contribution of $50, $100 or more to help with the $5,000 I loaned the campaign -- remember struggling candidates need to eat and pay bills, too.

Thanks again!

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